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Percepto Automated Drone System - Megatronix

Product Detail

Percepto Automated Drone System

The Sparrow 2.5 is housed by the all new IP 55 carbon fiber composite frame, while maintaining the look and feel of the original Sparrow drone. The sleek design is robust and versatile with expanded possibilities for mission applications.

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Product Description

Performance Specifications

  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous flight
  • Charging time up to 40 minutes
  • All weather flight performance
  • Max. Range: 5km (3 mi)
  • Max. Altitude 130m (400ft.)
  • Max Speed: 30 Knots
  • Max. Take-off Weight (MTOF): 10kg (22lbs)


Safety » Detect and track people and moving objects in FOV 24/7 delivering live data stream to operator
Security » Scan site for fires and gas leaks and automatically alert authorities and on-site personnel
Inspection » Capture and analyze high definition snapshots and continuous video streams

Live Features

The Sparrow 2.5 automated drone system can be controlled by the operator at any time via live operation features. The operator can command the drone to perform specific tasks to manage any unforeseen situation—such as detect and track a target, toggle the night camera, and navigate to a specific location and land.

On-site 24/7 Multi-Task Drone

The Sparrow 2.5 automated drone system enables high-quality fully-automated security, safety and inspectionmissions to be executed on-site with powerful technologiessuch as dynamic flight applications, all new IP55 certified frame, and PerceptoCore processing unit. The system eliminates human risk and provides a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method compared to traditional security, safety and inspection methods. Together with the Base Station and the Cloud Management Software (CMS), the Sparrow 2.5 carries out once hazardous and imprecise missions with ease and incredible accuracy.

Quick Specs


  • Dimensions(propeller tip; diagonal)152 (cm)
  • Weight9kg
  • MaterialCarbon fiber composite IP55
  • PropulsionKDE Electric Motor; 360 RPM/V; 230g
  • Battery 6S Li-Po Battery
  • Day Camera 4096×3000 resolution at 30FPS
  • Thermal Camera 640×512 resolution, frame rate 30 Hz

Base Station

  • Dimensions162x168x165 (cm, closed)
  • Weight330kg
  • MaterialIP65
  • CommunicationsEthernet

New Sleek Design

The Sparrow 2.5 is housed by the all new IP 55 carbon fiber composite frame, while maintaining the look and feel of the original Sparrow drone. The sleek design is robust and versatile with expanded possibilities for mission applications. Combined with the new, compact Percepto Base 3.0, the Sparrow 2.5 delivers Percepto grade performance in all weather conditions, rain or shine.


Sparrow 2.5 Specifications


The Sparrow 2.5 delivers an industrial grade, highly automated drone solution equipped with cutting edge technology providing high-quality live feedback from every mission. Weighing just 9 kg (20 lbs.), the Sparrow 2.5 dexterously performs security, safety and inspection missions.

Flight Controls

Pixhawk 2.1 Flight Controller is a triple redundant open sourced PX-4 based autopilot module designed by 3D Robotics that runs an efficient, real-time operating system. With a total of 29 sensors the Pixhawk 2.1 delivers reliable, high-quality performance and

  • 168 MHz Cortex M4F CPU
  • Sensors
    • 3 x GPS Capability
    • 2 x Compass
    • 2 x Barometer
    • 3 x Triple Axis Gyroscope
    • 3 x Triple Axis Magnetometer
    • 3 x Triple Axis Accelerometer
  • Integrated backup, override and failsafe processor

Propusion System

T he S parrow 2.5 is powered by the impressive KDE Direct brushless electric motor, delivering high- efficiency performance to the Sparrow and its components. Together with the carbon fiber Mejzlik propeller blades, the propulsion system delivers unprecedented smoothness and efficient flight performance.


The Sparrow chassis is an IP55 composite material, mainly carbon fiber quad copter classic monocoque frame.

  • Rotor Diameter239mm
  • Height (ground to rotor)295mm
  • Arm Length370mm
  • Skids Distance237mm

Automatic Charging

Automatic charging inside the base station ensures for fully autonomous missions without any human interference required. Charging at 36 Amps minimizes charging time allowing the Sparrow 2.5 to quickly embark on its next mission.

Percepto Power Distribution Board

The P ercepto PDB module provides onboard power delivery and power management capabilities to consumer and commercial drones. The Percepto PDB provides a hot swap controller and allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live power supply. The high precision measurement along with adjustable two steps down switching regulator, 10 Amps each, present a power management solution for
high current applications. Non-volatile configuration allows for flexibility in the automatic generation of alerts and responding to faults. The Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) oriented design helps establish Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) proof environment and a better power distribution flow. EMI can hinder circuit performance and even halt performance all together. Therefore, by reducing EMI, data can securely and efficiently be transmitted.

Payload Specification


The Sparrow 2.5 Payload packs powerful technologies into the Sparrow 2.5 while maintaining fast operation and a slim design. The Payload and onboard sensors are customized to fit the mission needs with cutting-edge sensors such as day and thermal cameras.

Day Camera

The Flir Blackfly S USB 3.0 Vision industrial camera, with Sony’s 12.3 MP sensor IMX 253 provides low-noise performance with excellent image quality.


  • Dimensions57.5x50x44mm
  • Resolution4096×3000
  • Weight90g
  • Power ConnectorUSB 3
  • Frame Rate30FPS

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage5V
  • Power Consumption4.5W

Thermal Camera

The Flir Tau 2 640 is a sleek long wave IR camera with digital video. Improved electronics and sensitivity produce higher image processing, detail and contrast.


  • Dimensions43x43x43 (mm, without lens mount)
  • Resolution640×512
  • Weight72g
  • Power Connect50-pin Hirose
  • Frame Rate30Hz

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage4-6V DC
  • Power Consumption(avg.)1.3W

Flight Controller

PIXHAWK 2.1 Autopilot is an all-in-one 3 times redundant unit, combining FMU and IO into a single package with hardware floating point unit and SIMD

  • Dimensions81.5×50.15.5 (mm)
  • Weight38g
  • Processor32-bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage5V DC (min 9V, max 57V)
  • Power Dissipation (avg.)3.1W


LTE Communication

LTE communication is established using the Sierra EM-7455 LTE modem mounted directly on the drone.

  • Range18km

Sierra EM-7455

  • Dimensions51X30X2.7(mm)
  • Frequency BandB1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7,
    B12, B13, B20, B25, B28, B29, B30, B41

Sierra MP-70

  • Dimensions190x45x105(mm)
  • Frequency BandB2, B4, B5,
    B13, B17, B25

Point to Point (P2P) Communication

Point to Point ( P2P) C ommunication provides communication solutions to restricted sites and sites with limited internet access.

  • Range5km

Secondary Communication Channel

Secondary Communication Channel is a low frequency radio channel allowing the operator to send several basic commands to the Sparrow.

  • Frequency433 MHZ
  • Range40KM
  • Dimensions60×15(mm)

Perceptocore 2.0 Specification


The PerceptoCore M odule delivers real-time, onboard computer vision capabilities to consumer and commercial drones combined with high current power distribution board and Pixhawk 2.1 carrier board. The low-cost, high-performance, and exceptionally powerful Linux module seamlessly connects to the drone’s flight controller.

System Architecture

The PerceptoCore Platform is based on the NVIDIA® Jetson® TX2 application processor – a powerful computing chip responsible for all autonomous capabilities, due to its ability to process complex image algorithms. Pascal GPU architecture coupled with ARM® Cortex® -A57 CPU complex provide a near real-time solution for high-performance image processing. The Lattice low power consumption MACH-XO2 FPGA allows the PerceptoCore to control the drone by generating a PPM/SBUS signal. It also enables simultaneous control of the operator and the computer control by manipulating the input R/C signal in real time. A safety mechanism allows for immediate transfer of control to the operator at any time. The MACH- XO2 devices are based on a 65 nm non-volatile low-power process, providing low static power to all system components.


  • NVIDIA® Jetson® TX2 SoC
    • NVIDIA Pascal GPU with 256 CUDA Cores
    • ARM® Cortex® -A57 MPCore (Quad-Core) ProcessorA15 CPU
  • On board Pixhawk 2.1 compatibility
  • 120A Power Distribution Board
  • DRAM – LPDDR4 – 1866, 8GB
  • Flash – eMMC 32GB
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Up to 1 Tera SSD slot
  • 3x Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB
    • 1x USB 2.0 Micro B
    • 3x USB 3.0 Type C
  • 8 x Temperature Sensor
  • Optional Debug Port
  • General Expansion
    • PPN/S.BUS
    • I2C
    • UART
    • CANBUS


PerceptoCore provides mechanisms to communicate with a PC and/or USB 2.0 peripherals and USB 3.0 peripherals, such as a camera or storage device. A 12C- bus specification-compliant 12C master controller is implemented, supporting serial device communications to multiple devices. The UART provides serial data synchronization and data conversion for both receiver and transmitter sections.It also implements cutoff switch and an onboard FPGA generating a PPM/SBUS signal, enabling connection to the Flight Controller.

The PerceptoCore can be connected to a ground computer using the SDK via various channels including WIFI and LTE.

Base Station 3.0 Specifications


The Base Station rapidly charges the Sparrow 2.5, simultaneously transferring data to the Sparrow and the cloud and protecting the Sparrow from harm. The all new design is smaller and lighter to allow for easy transport and installation. Automatic rapid charging enables the Sparrow 2.5 to operate autonomously with minimal human intervention. IP65 enclosure protects the Sparrow 2.5 from hazardous weather conditions, wildlife and malicious human interference. Automated lid and precision landing mechanisms with sub-millimeter positioning ensure accurate and safe takeoff and landing.


Electrical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage110V or 220V, single phase
  • Typical Power Consumption2KW
  • Maximum Power Consumption3KW
  • Operating Temperature-10-42°C
  • ChargerPowerLab 8 (v2)
  • Charger Input Voltage10-32V DC
  • Charger Output Current36A

Mechanical Specifications

  • MotorSiemens 3.0Nm Synchronous Motor
  • MaterialIP65


High level Simatic HMI TP7000 Comfort delivers an intuitive interface in its compact 7-in touch screen to effortlessly manage and control the Base Station. Siemens S7-1200 CPU industrial grade controller provides exceptional real-time performance and powerful communication options. The integrated PROFINET IO Controller interface provides for communication to the HMU and other automation components.



  • Dimensions139x130x190 (mm)
  • Weight2.9 kg
  • Operation Temperature-25…70°C
  • Output Voltage24V DC
  • Output Power960W


  • Dimensions80x180x200 (mm)
  • Weight1.85kg
  • Operation Temperature0…45°CC
  • Input Voltage380-480V
  • Output Power1kW

Cloud Management System 2.0 Specifications

Site Management

Site management features facilitate safe and optimal operation of the site by programming physical parameters in 3D space such as ‘free fly zones’, ‘no-fly zones’ and ‘flight routes.’ The ‘live map’ provides the operator with key information such as system component locations, site notifications, and system component activity. The ‘site schedule’ manages completed, ongoing, and future missions scheduled for each drone. All relevant site parameters are displayed in the site management in real time, with crucial updates and alerts provided to the operator as notifications.


Percepto Cloud Management Software enables 24/7 monitoring and management of the Sparrow 2.5 System by an operator from any location. The software provides an interface for site setup, mission setup, mission scheduling, and live activation and monitoring of the Sparrow 2.5 system. It communicates with the drone and the base station either using a public LTE channel or with the site’s own local internet connection. The operator programs and schedules flight routes and manages the drones’ activity via the management software.

Mission Managemeent

In mission setup, the operator can deploy a drone on a pre-defined mission or can customize a new mission choosing from the various mission applications.

Mission Applications:

  • Navigate
  • Track Detection Toggle Camera
  • Type (day/night) Enable/Disable Detector
  • Flagpole
  • Area Mapping
  • Area Scan
  • 3D Model
  • Move Camera Up/Down
  • Spin Drone Degrees
  • Adjust Drone Altitude
  • Wait & Pause
  • Record Raw Video
  • Go to Alert
  • Capture HD Snapshots

Drone & Base Station Management

This crucial feature provides the operator with key information regarding drone and base station status and health, contributing to the ability to safely manage the system.

Key features:

  • Deployed drones and base stations are listed with status,health, and location
  • Maintenance log including parts serial numbers and history
  • Drone mission and data history
  • Fleet control and drone selection for deployment
  • Live camera feed and mission controls

Data Management & Analytics

After each mission, the drone is capable of uploading collected data to the cloud database. This data can be sorted and/or undergo further processing and analytics, providing the operator with crucial information and insights from the drone’s mission. With advanced analytics applications such as anomaly detection and 3D mapping, data optimization possibilities are endless.

System Architecture


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