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Buy Ninja UAV Drone in Ahemdabad | Buy Ninja UAV Drone India

Product Detail

Ninja UAV

Lightweight & Economical micro UAV built for mapping and Surveillance

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Product Description


  • Endurance: 20-25 minutes @ MSL
  • Range (LoS): < 2 km*
  • Weight: < 2 kg
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 20 knots or 36 km/h
  • Max Launch Altitude: 3000 m AMSL(Above Mean Sea Level)
  • Operating Altitude: 200 m AGL**(Above Ground Level)
  • Vehicle Size: < 80 cm x 80 cm
  • Next Generation Smart Battery: Built-in Battery Health Monitoring

Fail Safe Features

  • Multiple GPS for redundancy
  • Return home on low battery
  • Return home on high winds
  • Return home on communication failures

GCS Application Software

  • Pre-Flight self-checks
  • Simultaneous real-time map tracking & video streaming
  • In-flight UAV health monitoring
  • Live flight parameters
  • Compatible with Laptop/Tablet

Digital Sky Compliant

  • NPNT Compliant Autopilot
  • Flight area breach prevention
  • Independent GPS-tracking
  • Built-in RFID Tag
  • Fire resistant UIN plate


  • Daylight Payload: 720 p, 3x Optical Zoom
  • HD Imaging Payload: 15+ MP
  • Thermal Payload (Black/White hot): 320 x 240 pixels

Ground Control Station (GCS) Features

Used by over 1200 pilots, ideaForge’s Ground Control Software is now available for NINJA UAV, allowing autonomous flight control and best-in-class safety features.


Wind Energy

Access hard-to-reach systems easily and identify potential points-of-failure

Construction & Real Estate

Plan and monitor projects and inspect hard-to-reach areas

Precision Agriculture

Maximize farm yield with with targeted multispectral inspection of crops


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