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ANPR Camera Software - Megatronix

Product Detail

ANPR Camera Software


The Carmen ® ANPR software is the flagship of the Carmen ® Recognition Software family. Carmen ® ANPR is designed to read the license plates of vehicles in free-flowing traffic situations and vehicle access control applications.
Carmen ® is the common core software for both the unlimited FreeFlow version for high density traffic situations and the cost effective 5k/8k/11k versions for less intense traffic or parking applications. They all share the same recognition engines with the same high standard knowledge base


Product Description

Main Benefits

  • Proven, fast and reliable automatic number plate reading software
  • Industry leading high accuracy and recognition rates (>98% globally)
  • Ability to recognise various plate sizes, syntaxes and distorted plate images
  • Reads Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Thai and many more characters
  • ADR non-empty plates recognition included
  • Unlimited and cost effective versions available


• highly customizable
• camera independent
• diverse input options
• country/state recognition
• motion detection

• scalable
• high accuracy
• plate color detection

Supported Operating Systems Windows (32/64 bit) | Linux (32/64 bit)
Supported Platforms x86_32 | x86_64 | ARMv7 Cortex A8 and above | PPC
Minimum System Requirements 1 GHz CPU | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB HDD | free slot for NNC
Licensing one year from purchase included, optional subscription available on yearly basis
Available Neural Controllers USB 2.0 dongle – type A
USB internal 4-pin
PCIe card (X1)
Mini-PCIe card


  Still image from file or memory in various image formats (BMP | PNG | JPEG | JPEG2K | RAW)
  Live analog video input (PAL or NTSC)
  Live digital camera input
Output OCR data
  Number plate DATA in ASCII/UNICODE text
  Position of the plate
  Confidence level in percentage
  Confidence level for each character
  List of further suggestions for each character
  Individual result for each plate on an image
  Color of plate (optional)
  Country ID (optional)
  Location of each plate on one image
Trigger Can be integrated with any trigger device
  (recommended when recognizing from live image stream)
  Software motion detection module is included


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